Meat Easy has gained cult status for its burgers and pop-up van but this was brought mainstream, to some peoples horror I imagine, by an appearance on Jamie Oliver’s around Britain show a few weeks ago.

I have always wanted to go to Meat Easy’s van but it was stationed all the way out in New Cross. I live in North London and so quite frankly I didn’t want to make the effort to go all the way to South London for a burger.

If I’d known then what I know now, I would have made the effort.

Meat Easy now known at least temporarily as Meat Liquor, occupies a tinted windowed venue just off Oxford Street in central London. This location may seem to be against the brands image but with no signage, you’d never find it unless you were looking for it.

You walk in past a bouncer (I have no idea why as he didn’t even open the door and it was only 5.45pm) and into a darkened room decorated in black, red and white paint splatters with pasted posters on parts of the ceilings. The bouncers’ one instruction, take your own seat and a waitress will spot you, served me well though, as I was quickly attended to by a friendly and charming waitress who took my order of a bacon cheeseburger and a side of fries.

The toilets were wonderfully clean and you could see throughout that nothing in the décor was an accident. All the customers around me were seen to immediately once they’d sat down and at no point was you made to feel like anything but a very welcome guest.

When my food arrived I looked upon it with awe. The burger was a true delight to behold and a large portion of fries accompanied it.

Delicious burger and cold chips

The burger tasted as good as it looked 10/10

I took a bite into my burger and the tenderest meat I have had in a long time melted in my mouth along with a delicious combination of pickles, onion and sauce. It truly was the kind of burger that you resent because you know that you won’t get anything like it anywhere else.

The waitress, being attentive not intrusive, came over to ask how my meal was and went to take away my unused knife and fork. I felt embarrassed by this as surely it was an example of my uncouth ways.

“Don’t worry.” Said the waitress, “no one uses their knife and fork. Just enjoy the food!”

I then tried to settle into my fries and this is where the experience nearly came unstuck.

My fries were lukewarm at the hottest end of the bowl and stone cold at the other. The fries that were lukewarm were rock hard from being overcooked and the cold ones were just the right side of raw to be acceptable.

If I wasn’t in a rush then I would most certainly have complained.

The rest of the burger was a delight with each mouthful offering something slightly different as the heaped salad and sauce combined with the juices from the meat.

I can only recommend Meat Liquor for their burgers and friendly staff but I would not recommend ordering the fries. I hope that the supreme taste of the burgers doesn’t distract them from making all the food pleasing and I would like to say that I am sure it was a one off but taking hot food to a customer is such a very basic thing that I cannot imagine it was.

The bacon cheeseburger was £7 and the fries were £3 and despite my bad experience with the fries, you won’t get a better burger, combined with the warm and trendy atmosphere and with such friendly staff for the same price.

Everybody should take a trip to Meat Liquor.

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